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Oakville Golf Lessons

Oakville Golf Lessons

Private Golf Lessons Oakville

Michael Crane offers the best golf lessons in Oakville and the surrounding areas. With years of golf experience, Michael will work with you one-on-one with his private golf lesson program to develop your skills and love for the game using V-1 video. Private golf lessons offer the following benefits: 

  1. One on One Coaching 

  2. Immediate feedback from an experienced instructor 

  3. Custom-tailored program for any experience level

Oakville Golf Instructor

Michael Crane offers golf instruction in Oakville and the surrounding areas.  As an experienced Golf Instructor, Michael understands the game of golf and is passionate about helping players of all ages and experience levels better their golf game through one on one coaching and instruction. 


Teaching Philosophy

Michael’s teaching philosophy, communication skills, and golf swing expertise have made him one of Canada’s most sought-after teaching professionals. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, Michael will tailor a program to suit your needs using V-1 video. The number #1 video teaching software on the market and respected by coaches, instructors, athletes and students, taking the learning experience to new heights with a systematic, easy-to-understand approach!

About Oakville

Oakville is a picturesque suburb located between Toronto and Niagra. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Oakville boasts of shopping districts, a highly cultured art community, and lots of golf opportunities! 


The Golf scene around Oakville is vibrant and growing. There are multiple, gorgeous courses around the area and lots of highly qualified golf instructors, such as Michael Crane. There are ample opportunities for golf lessons in Oakville and ample opportunities to put your lessons in use! 

Lessons are 1 HOUR in duration

Prices do not include GST/HST

CJGA Team Canada Eurocup 2012

Group Golf Lessons Oakville

Group lessons are 1 HOUR in duration (Two to Four People)

Prices do not include GST/HST

Oakville Group Golf Lessons 

Michael Crane offers group golf lessons for players of all skill levels in Oakville. Led by experienced instructor, Michael Crane, these lessons focus on developing golf fundamentals such as grip, posture, and swing technique. Participants can expect a supportive and friendly environment, with opportunities for individualized instruction and practice. With a variety of lesson options available, Oakville Group Golf Lessons can help players reach their full potential on the course. 


What to Expect in Group Golf Lessons: Lesson Structure and Curriculum

In group golf lessons, participants can expect a structured approach to learning the sport. The lesson structure typically includes a warm-up, introduction to new skills, practice time, and a debrief or review session. Lessons may also incorporate video analysis and drills to reinforce new techniques. Additionally, instructors may provide individual feedback and advice to help each participant improve their game.

Benefits of Group Golf Lessons: Why Learning in a Group Setting is Effective

Group golf lessons offer a variety of benefits for players looking to improve their game. In addition to being more affordable than private lessons, group lessons provide a social and supportive learning environment. Participants can also learn from observing others and receive feedback from their peers. Group lessons also offer opportunities for practicing with others, creating a fun and engaging way to improve golf skills.

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