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Tournament Swing Analysis


Professional swing analysis services are available for your golf tournament! A unique gift sent directly to your guests email after the event. That includes the most comprehensive personalized video analysis.  




Tournement Swing Analysis
Tournement Swing Analysis
Tournement Swing Analysis

Past Clients

Mercedes-Benz Logo past client
Darling Home For Kids past client
Oakville Chamber of Commerce past client
Unity For Autism past client
Sifton past client
WestPark past client
Worldwide Orphans Foundation past client

Tournement Swing Analysis

Welcome to my Tournament Swing Analysis program, the perfect solution for golfers who want to improve their game and take their skills to the next level. My program offers a unique service that provides golf tournament players with an in-depth analysis of their swing.


At the tournament, players can visit my booth, where I will record their swing using high-quality video equipment. This video is then analyzed in detail, using the latest technology and software, to identify areas for improvement. I provide players with a comprehensive report, including feedback on their stance, grip, swing path, ball flight, and other key elements of their swing.

My analysis is designed to help golfers identify weaknesses in their technique and develop a plan for improvement. I take a personalized approach to every analysis, taking into account each golfer's unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as their specific goals and objectives. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, my program can help you achieve your full potential on the course.

With my Tournament Swing Analysis program, you'll have access to the same technology and expertise used by professional golfers. You'll be able to see your swing from every angle and gain insights into how to improve your game. So if you want to take your golf skills to the next level, contact me today to learn more about my Tournament Swing Analysis program.

How Tournament Swing Analysis Works


  • Split Screen Comparison with a TOUR PLAYER

  • Voice-Over & Draw-Tools

  • Swing Plane Analysis & Review

  • Posture & Alignment Illustration


Not ONLY does every golfer receive the Number #1 Swing Analysis Service on the market. It is BRANDED with your company's logo, including a welcoming and thank you message. 


This alone makes for a great follow-up after your special day!


Book Early - Limited Availability


Standard One-Day Set-Up Fee $750.00 + $19.99 Per Player + Tax


Analysis performed by PGA of Canada Member Michael Crane


PGA of Ontario ‘Teacher of the Year’

PGA of Toronto ‘Teacher of the Year’

National Post Top 50 Teacher’s in Canada 

May - Available ⎮ June - SOLD OUT
July - Available ⎮ Aug - Limited
Sept - Limited

Past Clients

RBC past swing analysis client
OLG past swing analysis client
OEC past swing analysis client
The Globe and Mail past swing analysis client
McCathy Tetrault past swing analysis client
WeCare past swing analysis client
Halton Healthcare past swing analysis client

On Course Swing Analysis DEMO

Mastercard past swing analysis client

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