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On-Line Golf Lessons Made Easy:

1. Download the V1 golf App (Click V1 icon below)

2. Create an account

3. Capture your swing(s) by recording through the app

4. After you have recorded your swing(s), click the three people icon located at the bottom of the app, then search and select  MICHAEL CRANE GOLF... and send your swing!

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*Per down-the-line or face-on.

Click To Download - FREE

Michael will send you a comprehensive swing analysis of your swing from down-the-line or face-on. Your analysis is GUARANTEED*** to be the best swing analysis you've ever received or 50% of your MONEY BACK! 

*** If you do not feel that the analysis is hands down the best you've ever received. Simply send through the analysis that tops the one Michael provided. The analysis will be reviewed and if it is deemed better we will issue a 50% refund absolutely hassle free.

When capturing your swing down-the-line (DTL) make sure the camera is positioned 
between the ball and golfers back-side (in-line with the golfers hands). DO NOT take the video with the camera positioned behind the ball or positioned too far behind the body.
When capturing your swing from Face-On (FO) make sure the camera is positioned directly in-line with the golfers head.
During the recording of your swing in the app there is an option to select 'DTL' or 'FO'.


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